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Introducing Hoosier Culinary Sharpening

Scary sharp knives, low prices

Our Background

From the kitchen, to the wheel

While I was in Culinary School, and afterwards when I worked in the Hospitality industry, I struggled to find a quality knife sharpener.  Machines did a poor job, the knife services for restaurants butchered the blades, and I was stuck with the tedium of sharpening my own knives on stones, for which I had little patience.

I searched for options, and found the tools and techniques that allowed me to put a great edge on a knife in a fraction of the time...along with a variety of other tools.  Hoosier Culinary Sharpening was born!  Now, with years of experience, I teach Culinary classes at a local High school and sharpen knives at the Carmel Farmer's Market.



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Knives, tools, and gardening equipment

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